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Richfield, Ohio - April 24, 2018 - National Interstate Insurance Company (National Interstate) announced its recent endorsement of The Motorcoach Safety Training Company (MCSTCO)’s comprehensive Driver Training Course.  

“Motorcoach accidents can be devastating, but they are also often preventable. We partner with our customers to identify proactive ways to help them prevent such catastrophes,” said Steve Blankenship, Vice President, Passenger Transportation of National Interstate. “We have analyzed the Driver Training Course created by MCSTCO and see the value it will bring to our customers as a tool aimed at safer operations, accident prevention, and, ultimately, reducing their cost of risk.”

“For many years we have created training courses for school bus drivers, transit bus drivers and paratransit bus drivers,” said Jeff Cassell, President of MCSTCO. “Thousands of school districts and transit agencies use our training materials. Having been asked many times to create a similar high-quality effective training course for motorcoach operators, we created a new course designed to change motorcoach driver behaviors so that they remove or reduce risk in all their driving skills and as such, eliminate accidents.”

Cassell added, “The first two programs, Safety Best Practices and LLLC Defensive Driving (an acronym for “Look ahead, Look around, Leave room, and Communicate), set the foundation for removing or reducing risk.  The skills taught in these two programs are then reinforced and applied in all the other programs. The course contains eight DVD programs, a final exam, certification and five guides.”

The programs covered include:
1. Safety Best Practices
2. LLLC Defensive Driving
3. Preventing Intersection Accidents
4. Preventing Rear End Collisions
5.   Pedestrian and Bicycle Awareness
6.   Merging, Lane Changing and Passing
7.   Lift Operations and Securement Procedures
8.   Professional Customer Service

National Interstate insureds can obtain a discount when purchasing MCSTCO’s Driver Training Course. For more information and to purchase the Driver Training Course, please contact Jeff Cassell at 855-963-3900 or

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About The Motorcoach Safety Training Company
Following the success of the School Bus Safety Company (SBSC) and the Transit and Paratransit Company (TAPCO), The Motorcoach Safety Training Company was created by Jeff Cassell to provide high quality training materials focused solely on the best and safest practices to operate a Motorcoach. For more information, please visit

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