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Richfield, Ohio – March 28, 2012 -   National Interstate Insurance Company announced that its affiliate, Safety, Claims and Litigation Services, LLC (SCLS) will be providing the Driver Training Course, created by The School Bus Safety Company (SBSC), to insured school bus contractors as part of their loss control services package. SBSC has more than 20 years of experience in training school bus drivers to keep school children safe.

“School bus accidents can be tragic, and we continually look for proactive ways to help our clients prevent such tragedies,” said Jim Parks, Vice President of National Interstate.  “We have analyzed the Driver Training Course, and are confident that its use will make children safer while reducing the cost of risk to our customers.”

“We are delighted that SCLS and National Interstate are taking this step to bring this course to all their insured contractors,” said Jeff Cassell, President of SBSC. “Six of the eight largest student transportation contractors and more than 2,200 school districts are currently using SBSC training programs. Working together, we are making school bus transportation safer for all of the children being transported.  SCLS and National Interstate are providing assistance well beyond traditional loss control as they help to change the unsafe behaviors performed by drivers and reduce the cost of risk.”

“The programs will ensure that drivers are prepared to provide the safest, most efficient transportation possible. The SBSC training programs focus on the drivers and make a real difference in their daily performance and decision-making,” added Cassell.

“Insurance premiums are derived from expected losses,” added Jim Parks.  “By helping our clients reduce their loss costs and enhance their risk management programs, we are providing our customers the best tools to help control their insurance costs.  At the same time, we make transportation safer for the children, which is a win/win for everyone.  We intend to provide the course to all school bus clients insured by National Interstate.”

For more information, please visit or or contact:  Jim Parks, Vice President, National Interstate Insurance Company, 800-929-1500, or Jeff Cassell, President, School Bus Safety Company, 866-275-7272.

About National Interstate

National Interstate Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Interstate Corporation, is a specialty property and casualty insurance company with a niche orientation and focus on the transportation industry.  We differentiate ourselves by offering insurance products and services designed to meet the unique needs of targeted insurance buyers.  Products include insurance for passenger, moving and storage, and truck transportation companies, alternative risk transfer, or captive insurance programs for commercial risks, specialty personal lines consisting of insurance products focused primarily on recreational vehicle owners and small commercial vehicle accounts, and transportation and general commercial insurance in Hawaii and Alaska.  National Interstate and its insurance subsidiaries, which include Vanliner Insurance Company and Triumphe Casualty Company, are rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. 

About School Bus Safety Company

The School Bus Safety Company (SBSC) is solely dedicated to creating the most effective training materials to improve the performance of school bus drivers and reduce accidents and injuries. More than 2,200 school districts are using training programs created by SBSC plus over 45 contractors, including six of the eight largest contractors. Used as explained in the training guides, the Driver Training Course has achieved a reduction in accidents approaching 50%.