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Managing risk is critical to ensuring employee safety, minimizing losses, and ultimately saving you time and money. At National Interstate, we strive to create “An Insurance Experience Built Around You”, which is why we offer extensive risk management services.

Our Risk Management Department is dedicated to making sure you have easy access to safety resources. All customers have access to the National Interstate Risk Management Website, which provides customers with safety and training assets such as online safety videos, safety management guides, safety campaigns, pre-packaged safety meetings, and more. These resources are designed to help you understand regulations, enhance your safety culture, and develop proactive measures to reduce the likelihood of losses.

At National Interstate, customer service is our top priority. All of our clients have access to our Risk Management Department Field Team via phone or email. You can leverage our team for safety best practices or DOT and OSHA compliance-related questions.

Our mission is to be your best partner, on your worst day. The Risk Management Department is your resource to help you minimize losses and at the end of the day, protect the business you have built.

Contact your dedicated field representative or visit the risk management website today to learn about our extensive safety resources.